Fireplace Tips


Woodburning Tips:

  • Use seasoned wood when possible
  • Warm the flue before starting a fire
  • Build smaller, hotter fires that burn more completely and produce less smoke
  • Don’t restrict air supply to fireplace or stove
  • Use a metal container for ash removal
  • Don’t leave a fire unattended
  • Cover all flue openings with a rain cap with mesh
  • Use spark arrestor screening on the Fireplace opening for protection from sparks
  • Never burn cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, trash or Christmas trees in the fireplace or stove
  • Have a fire extinguisher nearby
  • Use smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Have a professional check the flue system annually for cracks and creosote build-up…more often if you are a frequent burner
  • In the event of a flue fire, call the fire department to make sure the fire has been completely extinguished and call a chimney profession to have the flue checked before using again




Wood Pellet Stove Hints:

  • Buy good quality pellet fuel
  • Follow proper pellet fuel storage procedures by keeping dry and away from moisture
  • Clean after burning 2 tons of fuel or semi-annually:
    • Exhaust vent
    • Fresh air intake tube
    • Blowers
    • All hinges
  • Clean weekly:
    • Burn pot and liner
    • Ash pan
    • Firebox
    • Door glass
    • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Your pellet stove maintenance may differ from above, see the Owners’ Manual or service professional
  • Familiarize yourself with pellet stove operation to receive best service

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