Commercial environments include office buildings as well as storefronts. LCS Kleen-Aire has over thirty years of experience analyzing unique commercial air systems and developing appropriate solutions for the best possible results. The air system of a building performs the same function as the lungs of a human body by allowing the building to breathe. Problems that occur within the system may not be immediately noticeable, causing the effectiveness of the system to degrade over time. When contaminants build up, the building—and the people within— become less efficient and less healthy.

Healthy workers are happier, more efficient,
and complete work at a higher quality.

Healthy customers are happier and
are more likely to come back.


The way we think about and use energy is changing as the world becomes more environmentally conscientious. A smaller energy footprint is reflected in the measures many companies are taking to reduce their environmental impact. As an air system ages and becomes soiled, mechanical errors contribute to lowered efficiency. LCS Kleen-Aire can address these issues and restore your air system to its original engineered specification, lowering its energy costs by up to 30%.



In food manufacturing, clean air systems are part of a range of measures to ensure that the product does not become contaminated. Contaminated food leads to sick consumers, costly product recalls, and devastating lawsuits. Product recalls can result in damaged reputations and discontinued product lines. LCS Kleen-Aire can protect your product, your reputation, and your customers by helping to prevent food contamination.

Other industries can benefit from clean air systems as well. Toxic materials, both organic and inorganic, can be captured and then circulated by the air system. These materials cause potential health hazards to anyone exposed to them. LCS Kleen-Aire is equipped to test your system for these materials, design and execute the solution, and provide proof and peace of mind that the job was done correctly.


We put our trust into hospitals and other healthcare facilities to protect our health. Part of that trust is the expectation that medical facilities are dedicated to keeping the premises and equipment clean. However, the air supply system is out of sight, often out of mind, and frequently very soiled. Soiled air systems contain and circulate microbes, mold, and other materials that cause additional health risks that may go unnoticed by patients and staff alike.

LCS Kleen-Aire understands the unique air quality needs of the healthcare industry. Our staff is the highest trained in the industry. We clean to medical-grade and food-grade standards, and are equipped with the best technology to help hospitals and clinics keep our population healthy and productive.



LCS Kleen-Aire is dedicated to service and building customer relationships. Our staff is the highest trained in the industry, well-versed in medical-grade and food-grade standards, and uses industry-leading technology. We will stay until the job is complete, and are committed to getting the job done right the first time. Medical and industrial clients can expect to reach us 24/7.