LCS has been your trusted HVAC and overhead cleaning service provider since 1978. We understand that clean air is very critical to your business’s success, particularly in food industries. The risk of contamination to products could be very costly and overall detrimental to your company. LCS strives enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system as well as your plant production by assisting you with all your HVAC service needs. Our technicians are NADCA certified to meet IAQ standards and OSHA compliance. We know that disasters are never planned—that’s why we offer 24/7 service to ensure that when disaster does strike, we are there to help with the cleanup.



Like most machinery, HVAC system performance begins to decrease with age. The system becomes less efficient due to the buildup within the system as well as the system’s overall aging of the components. LCS can complete regular maintenance checks on the system and address mechanical errors, restoring your system to its original specifications, thus increasing its efficiency and saving your company money in the future.


In food manufacturing, clean air systems are a part of a range of measures to ensure that the product does not become contaminated. Contaminated food leads to sick consumers, costly product recalls, and devastating lawsuits. Product recalls can result in damaged reputations and discontinued product lines. LCS Kleen-Aire can protect your product, your reputation, and your customers by helping to prevent food contamination.

Other industries can benefit from clean air systems as well. Toxic materials, both organic and inorganic, can be captured and then circulated by the air system, causing potential health hazards for anybody exposed to them. LCS Kleen-Aire is equipped to test your system for these materials, design and execute the solution, and provide proof and peace of mind that the job was done correctly.



Creating a better work environment for your employees is very beneficial to your company’s success. Regularly cleaning your plant’s HVAC system will ensure the air in the workplace is clean and bacteria free. This can decrease employee absenteeism due to airborne illness as well as prevent compensation claims. Work efficiency in your employees will increase due to the better working conditions. This also ensures that when clients and others visit your plant, you can be confident that they are breathing in clean, bacteria-free air.


LCS Kleen-Aire is dedicated to service and building customer relationships. Our staff is the highest trained in the industry, well-versed in IAQ standards and OSHA compliance, and uses industry-leading technology. We will stay until the job is complete and are committed to getting the job done right the first time. We are well-versed in GMPs. Clients can expect to reach us 24/7.

We know the importance of confidentiality. You can trust us not to disclose any information about the services we have provided for you and your company.