LCS KLEEN-AIRE is your source for all chimney related services.

We clean and repair chimneys of all types. We conduct masonry repair and rebuild from the ground up. Chimney caps, stainless and copper, are available in standard and custom sizes. We also seal water leaks and waterproof where necessary.

Additionally, we service most brands of wood burning furnaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and fireplaces, including gas burning.

We carry parts and accessories.

Each year, there are over fifty thousand flue fires. Is your home’s chimney safe?


Our chimney services are comprehensive. We clean the chimney itself, the firebox, and the flue. In addition, we install dampers and chimney caps to protect the home from outside elements like rain and snow.

Our chimney caps have spark arrestor screens that prevent large burning embers from exiting the chimney and causing a roof fire. These chimney caps also add guard against animals, like squirrels and raccoons, that might otherwise crawl inside and do thousands of dollars of damage. For homeowners looking to reduce energy costs, we can also install a top-sealing damper. This top-sealing damper helps insulate a home when the fireplace is not in use and saves on your monthly utility bill.

Over time, your chimney and fireplace can sustain damage that can reduce its efficiency and may increase the risk of fire. LCS Kleen-Aire offers ChimScan digital video inspection service which allows the operator to show a homeowner the exact areas of concern in their fireplace and chimney. LCS Kleen-Aire can then consult and provide the proper solution to restore your chimney to its intended safety and efficiency standard.


LCS Kleen-Aire is dedicated to service and building customer relationships. Our staff are the highest trained in the industry, well-versed in medical-grade and food-grade standards, and use industry-leading technology. We will stay until the job is complete, and are committed to getting the job done right the first time.