The Value of Having your Air Ducts Cleaned Right

The ad read: Improve the quality of air within your home and relieve your family of potentially harmful dust and particles in the air- for only $49.99. This sounds believable and affordable, but the trouble is, it’s not only false advertising, it’s wrong. Many unsuspecting individuals are lured into believing that a 6-8 hour service can be purchased at this price. The trouble is, you will get what you pay for at this price and this may be only vent surface cleaning with a Swiffer. Or worse yet, a bait and switch, where you will be owing much more than you anticipated.

Air duct cleaning is more involved than most realize. It starts with a specialized truck that houses a powerful and portable negative pressure generator. Then trained, experienced and credentialed technicians prepare your home and set up their cleaning tools. Openings are made and a large vacuum hose is attached to both the supply and return sides of your system. Large volumes of air are pulled toward the machine along with the gunk. Patented air whips are then sent into each supply to agitate the dirt, dust, and debris and the air is pushed through again. Return ductwork is also cleaned as this has the same dirt and dust that were in your supply ducts. Panels and plugs are installed over any openings, which were created for hose access, so no air flow is lost. This returns your system to the snug system it was prior, only cleaner. They finish up the process with an inspection and cleaning of your furnace, including the coil, blower fan, and internal chamber. The process of cleaning duct work is detailed and specialized and that $49.99 deal will not be a deal, much less the value you are expecting unless it’s done the right way, the LCS way.

At LCS, they will not cut corners just to get your business. They believe in the value of their work and will answer any questions you may have about duct cleaning. So, if you have been taken in with the $49.99 “deal”, give them a call at 417-883-5220 or email Customer Service:

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