Water in Air Ducts

Some of us are still recovering from the record-breaking rainstorm that hit Missouri just a few weeks ago. (You know, the one that broke the record for amount of rainfall in December set in 1895.)

Though we’ve made it through the storm, flooding in a home can have lasting harmful effects if left unaddressed. Simply put, pumping the water out of your basement may not be the only step in returning your home to a clean and healthy state. Water that entered your home – especially substantial amounts over a prolonged period time – can settle into the air duct system even after it’s been pumped.

So, what does this mean?

A home’s air duct system is meant to be a clean, clear passage that conveys the air you breathe. Over time, it’s normal for dust to gather, but it’s not uncommon to find mold and other contaminants when closely inspected. Since the air ducts are dirty, dark and warm, the addition of water creates an environment that is ideal for microbial growth.  In addition, ductwork is often internally lined with fiberglass insulation, which is a porous material that harbors mold. Essentially, once water is introduced into the ducts, it’s possible for it to cause rust, corrosion and even encourage the growth of mold and bacteria in a short amount of time.

If you were one of the many people who dealt with flooding basements and homes this past December, there’s a chance that some of that water made it into your air duct system. If there is undetected mold or bacteria in the ducts, it doesn’t take long for this situation to become harmful, so it’s better to be prudent –and have it checked sooner rather than later.

While you’re checking the air ducts, be sure to also take a look at the chimney! We’ve received numerous calls from homeowners in the area that began noticing signs of a leak in and around the chimney. We’ve been fixing such problems since 1978 and have highly-experienced professional technicians on staff to find and fix these problems.

In order to fully inspect both air ducts and chimneys, a professional with specialized cameras needs to view the passages and possibly conduct a mold test to check for signs of water or mold. If either are present, rely on a professional to fix the issue correctly and completely.

At LCS Kleen-Aire, we believe that a home is a place that should be clean, safe and healthy. Please feel free to call us (417.883.5220) or drop us an email with any questions regarding your ducts, chimneys, or water leakage, and we will be happy to help!

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